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Journey In Peace funeral flower

Journey In Peace 15509

HK$  999.00
Forever In Peace funeral flower

Forever In Peace 15501

HK$  999.00
Forever In Memory funeral flower

Forever In Memory 15502

HK$  1,099.00
Remembrance funeral flower

Remembrance 15503

HK$  1,099.00
Love Of Life funeral flower

Love Of Life 15505

HK$  1,099.00
Rest In Peace funeral flower

Rest In Peace 15507

HK$  1,199.00
Eternal Light funeral flower

Eternal Light 15504

HK$  1,199.00
Heartfelt Respect funeral flower

Heartfelt Respect 15510

HK$  1,199.00
Ever Lasting Memory funeral flower

Ever Lasting Memory 15508

HK$  1,299.00
Solemn Tribute funeral flower

Solemn Tribute 15506

HK$  1,299.00
Solemn Salute funeral flower

Solemn Salute 15704

HK$  1,499.00
In Loving Memory funeral flower

In Loving Memory 15701

HK$  1,699.00
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Our flowers are 100% fresh. We do NOT use "environmentally friendly" or "reused" flowers!

These floral tributes are suitable for delivery to funeral services. Overall height is approx 6ft.

In Hong Kong, it is customary that the flowers be addressed to the deceased and NOT to his/her family, even if you only know his/her family.

When your message is written in Chinese, your relationship and the faith of the deceased (such as Buddhism or Christianity) are also important.

Example card message:

In Loving Memory of "Deceased Name"

With heartfelt condolences, love and prayers!

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